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Reall's HTML/WYSIWYG Editor IE5.5+ only

to use this free html editor..... wait until page loads fully......

For simply changing text and images using our templates, there shouldn't be any problems.

After pasting your template code in, to change text, just click your cursor in the spot your want to change and type over ours in WYSIWYG mode.

To change the image displayed within the template, click on the pic you want to change and then click on the tiny icon button to add in the link to where the photo/graphic is stored.

Once you've made all of the changes you need to, toggle back to the HTML view and then copy the code and then paste your new file into a .htm file on your computer.

To get the 'code' for you template to use here. Open the html file in Notepad (Start>Accessories>Notepad>File>Open>browse to file>then File>Select All>File>Copy. Then click on the toggle above to go to HTML mode and highlight whatever we have above and the just right click paste. Then click the toggle to go back into WYSIWYG mode to see how it looks. Make your changes in WYSIWYG mode if you're not comfortable with HTML.

Thanks to all for your continued support!
~ Rebecka ~

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