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10 cute DIY Halloween costumes for kids

You can prepare cute but simple Halloween costumes for your baby with familiar characters such as No-Face, witch, clown…

1 Halloween costume for boys

Costume transforms into a prince

The prince character in the story is often very talented and heroic. Therefore, this image is admired by many boys. This is also the character chosen to dress up the most during the Halloween season. The prince’s outfit will come with a king’s crown, shawl and scepter. Nowadays, this outfit is very popular and usually complete set. Therefore, you can easily choose for your baby without spending much time being creative.

Superhero inspired Halloween costumes

Since superhero movies came out, characters like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, … have attracted a lot of children. If your child is enamored with a certain image in Marvel, you can buy superhero clothes, then create masks, accessories with your baby, etc. Surely, the children will be very excited. to dress up for the upcoming Halloween.

superhero costumes

Mischievous clown costume

The clown is one of the characters that creates new colors in the Halloween season. At first glance, the character is quite scary, but when used to shape a boy, it looks very cute. To transform into a mischievous clown, parents need to prepare a colorful wig or hat for the child, paint white around the eye contour, apply a bold blush, especially the red tip of the nose. Coordinating more clown costumes, your child will shine the most on Halloween night.

kids bright yellow clown costume

Traditional horror costumes Treat or Trick

Treat or Trick is the traditional custom of Halloween around the world. On this day, people often dress up as monstrous characters such as skeletons, witches, ghosts, etc. In particular, parents can prepare children’s costumes according to this custom. In addition to costumes and face makeup, the children will carry an extra bag to go from house to house asking for candy. More interestingly, children will start greeting adults with “Treat or Trick?”.

three cute kids scary costumes during halloween party old house halloween

2 Halloween costumes for girls

Dress up as a princess

Most girls like to transform into a gentle and beautiful princess. This is also the easiest image to transform. Just a sparkly flared skirt and a pair of crystal shoes are all it takes to create a lovely little princess. To make the babies more gorgeous, you can combine more crowns and gowns. Now you’re ready for your baby to join the Halloween party.

princess costume christmas new year halloween girls dress up kids dresses for girls cosplay clothing

Witch Halloween costume

In occult stories, the witch is always the villain that any child is obsessed with. However, here’s the Halloween costume inspiration for your kids. To create an impressive witch costume, you will need an old dark dress, a pointed nose pad, a small broom, a pointed hat, and a pair of mystical black shoes. In addition, you can paint a little more dark circles, freckles, dark lipstick to create the most outstanding little witch when participating in Halloween with friends.

witch halloween costume

Costumes according to cartoon characters

A series of cartoons such as Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, barbie doll, pony, … will be the ideal Halloween costume suggestions. Observe and talk to children about their favorite cartoons. From there, you will easily find the right makeup for your child. Cartoon costumes will be a bit difficult to make yourself. You can outsource or order custom tailoring to fit your baby’s body.

3 Pictures of DIY Halloween costume ideas for beautiful and unique babies

In addition to the popular costumes above, you can refer to some unique makeup ideas shared below. Let’s take a look at the impressive Halloween images below!

scary and funny halloween costumes for kids

halloween costume ideas for kids witches

children halloween costume

halloween 1

Hopefully with 10 impressive Halloween costumes that Reallgraphics suggests will help you make choices that suit your kids’ interests. Wishing parents and children a happy Halloween season!

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