Tips to make your sweater beautiful and durable

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As an item that is “pampered” on winter days, it should be mentioned that the heart is suddenly warm. But whether you already know how to preserve this “difficult” costume, read it now:

Do not dry men’s sweaters in the sun

The material has a large thickness, so sometimes you just hope that there is a lot of sunshine, then you should dry it directly in the sun. Delete this method immediately and hang the shirt on the hook in the direction of folding the shirt in half, choosing an area with good wind to dry. Avoid affecting the color fading, and if the sun is too big, it will cause the wool fibers to be damaged, hard, and lose the inherent softness of the shirt.

tips to make your sweater beautiful and durable

Clean by area of sweater

Instead of washing the whole woolen garment frequently, you should clean some areas that are easily soiled such as collars, armpits, elbows to extend the time between washes and increase the life of the wool. A soft cotton cloth dipped in water or a specialized cleaning solution will be ideal. Do not rub the dirty wool too hard as it can make the fabric ruffled and smudged.

clean by area of sweater

Fold sweaters properly for better storage.

Hanging sweaters can cause them to stretch and create ugly bumps with hangers. Instead of saving a few minutes, carefully fold them to free up space and reduce surface wrinkles.

how to fold a sweater

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