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5 Ways to dress well for fat women

Any body shape has its own beauty, it is important for you to know where the strengths are and emphasize those advantages to become more beautiful and draw attention to your own strengths.

You have a beautiful body, so be confident to exude that beauty. Show your aura from the inside and dress well on the outside. You can simply pay attention to the texture of the outfit, or the color or sometimes just a fashion accessory.

Here are 5 ways to suggest how to dress well for fat women

  • Learn to focus on your body’s strengths
  • Choose colors and textures for the outfit
  • Choose the right bra and invest in shaping underneath
  • Wear clothes that fit to accentuate your body
  • Choose the right accessories for your figure

1. Draw attention to your strengths

Do you know which part of your body is good? If you still can’t decide which point you will choose as an advantage, look in the mirror and decide that advantage. Because, when you are confident in yourself, confident in what you believe you are beautiful, you will know what you want and need to shine.

Choose items and clothes that help highlight that advantage. You can do this by, choosing the color of your outfit, choosing a design to draw the other person’s attention to your strengths.

For example, if you decide that your strong point is your neck, choose bright colored tops with a V-neck to draw attention to your upper body and especially your neck.

Or, you decide to choose your legs as the strength of your body. So choose slim pants, dresses that help show off your long legs.

Or you decide to choose curves on the body as an advantage, choose belts to create accents at the waist, or dresses with a waistline, or press at the waist… Depending on the shape of your body your body to choose the right items to show off the advantages of your body.

2. Choose the right colors and textures

One of the ways to dress well for your figure is to choose appropriate patterns, if you are fat, you should probably not choose horizontal patterns or colors that are too bright. Instead of horizontal stripes, try choosing vertical or diagonal stripes. Instead of colors that are too prominent, try choosing bright colors in neutral tones – neutral colors. Because if you choose colors that are too vibrant, you will draw attention to your plump body.

Instead you try to choose one color (color block) and slightly dark items or try mixing darker bottom and slightly lighter color above… But, you also don’t want to make up the image, always appear with the gamut. dark color, too deep. So once you’ve decided on your body’s strengths, choose bright colors that focus on that advantage. Bright colors not only help you exude confidence and beauty, but especially, it also helps your spirit become more cheerful and happy.

If you decide that the curve of your body is to your advantage, try choosing a brightly colored belt to draw focus.

You are confident in your upper body, so choose a light color for the top, upper body, and a darker color for the lower body. Or vice versa, if you want to stand out from the bottom, choose a light color for the pants and a darker (darker) color for the shirt to create a thinner feel for the top.

You should not wear clothes with too large patterns, for example, if you like to wear a polka dot dress, choose small polka dots, do not choose too large dots, because small dots help you deceive the illusion.

3. Choose the right bra and invest in shaping underwear.

Did you know research has shown that many women choose the wrong bra size? This not only affects the first round but also loses the balance of the figure. Go to the lingerie store and ask the consultant to measure and choose the right bra size for you. Because, if the bra is too small, it will make the upper part show the excess fat of the body. Or if the bra is too big, the upper part of the body will look ‘sloppy,’ out of balance.

The bra that hugs, will help women feel confident and neat, affecting the feeling of confidence to some extent.

Have you tried choosing a posing lingerie set? If not, try it to feel the difference. It will give you more confidence, and make your upper body slimmer. To be precise, it helps keep the excess fat in place and curves your figure.

This helps the outfit you wear become more beautiful and it no longer has to do the job of hiding the fat on your body, and just concentrates on doing the job.

If you can’t stand clothes that are too tight, try more comfortable clothes, if you want to dress well, you have to accept a little. If you can’t stand the restriction, then try reading the next step for more beauty tips for fat women.

4. Wear clothes that fit your body to shape your body

One of the mistakes many women make is choosing clothes that are too large, or materials that are too wide, flowing to wear and cover their flaws. blogmacdep will write below some suggestions if you want to hide your flaws, but you also have to know how to cover it properly and show it off in the right way.

Because if you choose items that are too large, it will draw the eyes of the other person to the bottom and back of the outfit, and it will make your body look bigger than it really is.

5 ways to dress well for fat women

Choose pants that fit your figure. Often we think, wear loose pants to hide excess body fat, or some people think, must wear a tight, close-fitting boyfriend to hug that fat. Both ways represent the same wrong way of thinking, because if it’s too wide, you’ve just lost the shape of your body and you look bigger than you really are. Or if it is too tight, you will clearly lose every part of your body fat.

Choose pants that fit your body shape, show the shape of your legs and thighs, and don’t show too much fat. Have you tried these boot-cut pants? If not, try this one. If you still don’t know what boot-cut pants are, type this keyword phrase to see more images. These pants are slightly flared at the hem, this will help create a balance between the buttocks, thighs and lower legs, while showing off the shape of the buttocks and thighs.

If you really want to hide your curves, try layering – layering, adding a cardigan or a vest top will both add a ‘class’ to your fashion and help you achieve your goals. get purpose.

As long as your clothes fit your body, choose layers that are appropriate for the season and context, here are a few suggestions for you to coordinate with ‘layers’.

For spring or winter, pair it with cardigans, cardigans, or body-hugging jackets. Do not choose coats that are too thick to make your body heavy. In the summer, choose to wear jackets and cardigans with 3/4 sleeves. In the fall, choose jackets and sweaters that are moderately thin. Going out, weekends can choose denim jackets, leather jackets, to create a dusty style and personality.


Are you someone who doesn’t like to use accessories or has never used fashion accessories? Start now, simply start choosing the right handbag for your body shape, or the right scarf. Let’s start with suggestions that will help fat women have a beautiful and classy way to dress.

You should choose large and blocky accessories instead of small accessories. You don’t need jewelry to stand out, but accessories help you have a taste and become more quality. Large, blocky pieces will look good and stand out against your oversized body.

For example, instead of choosing necklaces with small beads, try choosing a block bracelet. Instead of wearing small bead earrings, opt for a pair of cube earrings.

Choose a belt to help you create curves at the waist, large belts will look better on your body. Instead of choosing a small string, choose a large version to create balance.

Bags: Choose bags to balance your body, small bags can make you look heavier than you really are, or create an imbalance when you carry a bag that is too small for you. with his body. When you’re choosing new handbags, try looking in the mirror to see the balance, neverfull or boho bags will suit your figure.

5 ways to dress well for fat women

Shawl: Wearing a long scarf helps you to deceive your figure, creating length for your body, which means you look smaller than you really are.

In addition, you can wear a long scarf when wearing jeans and leather boots, you will look very stylish and individual.

Above are 5 ways to dress well that blogmacdep is for fat and fat women.


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