7 Ways to coordinate with a crop top

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How to mix clothes with crop tops

Crop top is one of the ‘items’ that is a hot ‘trend’ model on the fashion floor in recent years. And it is one of the favorite shirt models among young people. But do you know how to coordinate with a crop top? How to dress to be stylish according to the trend but at the same time show your own taste?


Here are 7 ways to coordinate with crop tops that I have selected for you:

1. Combine Croptop with pencil skirt

Do you love crop tops but also want to show off your bust and long legs? Take a look at the croptop models with pencil skirts below:

pencil skirts style

2. Croptop with wide leg pants

Beautiful, chic when wearing a crop top with shorts (wide or medium depending on your crop top for the perfect mix). This style can be worn to parties, street parties, and weddings. Expressing the female owner’s own aesthetic taste:

wide leg pants crop top

3. Croptop with jacket

You love crop tops but are not confident enough to show too much skin, an outerwear is the ideal solution for you.
You can team it with a leather jacket, a denim jacket or a tunic, they all look good:

7 ways to coordinate with a crop top

4. Mix off shoulder crop top with jeans

The off-shoulder jacket is one of your favorite accessories? Off-shoulder croptop looks great with jeans, high-waisted pants, and looks great with maxi skirts.

croptop jeans

5. Combine croptop with high-waisted pants

You are a bit big in the lower abdomen and still love crop tops. One of the solutions for you is to combine with high-waisted pants. It will help you to conceal perfectly, and luckily, high-waisted pants are available: shorts, skirts, jeans and even trousers are also stylish. This is also one of the suggestions for mixing clothes for dwarfs (modest in height).

combine croptop with high waisted pants

6. Combine croptop with sports pants or leggings

You love sports style and always wear stylish sportswear when you go out to gather with friends, go for a walk. In western countries a lot of young people mix leggings – croptop to go to work. Here are some suggestions for you:

combine croptop with sports pants or leggings

7. Croptop with flared skirt/short jeans

If you are a person of modest height (short), combine a croptop with a flared skirt (A-line skirt) to help create the illusion of longer legs, a taller figure below is one of the suggestions for you:

croptop with flared skirt short jeans

The above are suggestions on how to mix clothes with crop tops that I have referenced and selected from the famous ‘fashionista – Fashionista’ in the world.

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