Great trick to fly away ruffles on sweatshirt fabric

The sweatshirts bought are very beautiful, but after a period of use, they quickly “ruffle”, old and ugly. As it turns out, the shirts made from felt are also extremely “fragile”. But do not rush to throw them away, Canifa will tell you how to fix the ruffled shirt situation right here!

In the article below, you will learn more about felt material, know how to use it so that it does not ruffle as well as tips for handling when your shirt is ruffled.

1. What is felt fabric?

Felt fabric, also known as Polar Fleece, is a “hybrid” between wool and fabric. Felt is a material made from fabric, wool used to make clothes. Felt is not woven to shape, but uses the technique of pressing the yarn into a thin layer. There are different types of felts used for industries, engineering and design. Felt fabric is widely used in the fashion industry, creating extremely high quality, thick and warm clothing products in winter such as sweatshirts and hoodies.

felt fabric

2. How to avoid ruffled felt fabric

2.1. Choose the right washing method


Hand washing is the best method for most clothes if you want them to always look new. However, to properly wash your hands, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Flip the collar back, carefully read the instructions on the label to know the composition of the fabric, the requirements for the amount of water, temperature and detergent. Then proceed to classify clothes with separate felt fabrics so as not to cause friction with other fabrics that cause ruffles. You should divide the shirt by color, type of fabric and then wash it.

Step 2: Fill the basin with enough water to soak the shirt. Do not soak shirts that are easy to fade with other shirts.

Step 3: Dissolve the detergent or washing liquid in the basin, beat well to make the soap foam.

Step 4: After the soap has dissolved into the water, we proceed to rub the clothes gently, avoiding ruffled clothes. In particular, you need to limit the use of a brush to rub vigorously because it makes clothes quickly ruffled and old.

Step 5: Rinse clothes quickly with water then use fabric softener to soak clothes. This will make the clothes softer and full of fragrance throughout the day.

Step 6: Gently wring out the clothes, then hang them in a ventilated place to dry naturally. You should avoid drying clothes in direct sunlight so that clothes do not fade quickly. Note that you should choose a hook with a width that fits the shape of the shirt so as not to damage the shape of the shirt.

Wash with washing machine

wash with washing machine

With a washing machine, you still need to sort your clothes as a first step. After sorting is complete, you put the clothes in the cage and drain the water. However, depending on different fabrics, the washing water temperature must also be different. Refer to your felt fabric information to wash them properly. Don’t forget to use fabric softener to soften and stabilize the fabric. You should choose the camera in slow mode to avoid the tension that ruffles the coat. After washing, please dry the shirt in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.

2.2. Dry clothes properly

Modern washing machines have a drying mode for clothes, but this is one of the drying methods that makes your felt clothes quickly ruffled. With felt fabrics, you should dry clothes in a ventilated place or because of drying. Moreover, you should not dry it in direct sunlight to avoid discoloring the fabric.

2.3. Use a tool to cut fabric hair

When the surface of the fabric appears ruffled, instead of using your hands to remove them, you should use specialized trimming tools such as small scissors, razors or small sharp objects to cut them off. fabric hairs unfurl instead of making them heavier and ruffled.

2.4. Be careful when mixing

This is a cause that few people pay attention to, but the way you coordinate your clothes more or less makes your shirt ruffled. Felt fabric when combined with sharp, potentially scratchy accessories such as rivets, or sharp zippers, can cause the fabric to ruffle.

3. Tips to get rid of ruffles on felt fabric

3.1. Use a small tooth comb

You just need to use a small toothed comb to slowly brush the shirt vertically to get rid of the ruffles of the shirt. If you rub the shirt too quickly, the ruffled hairs will be further clumped and dragged along with many other fibers causing the shirt to be ruffled without regaining its original beauty.

3.2. Use adhesive tape to renew ruffled shirts

Adhesive tape is a very familiar item for every family. Using tape is a simple, effective and economical way for you to remove stubborn hairs from your shirt. It’s also very easy to do: You just need to use a piece of tape to stick down the ruffled area of the shirt and quickly peel it off. Repeat this action until the shirt is completely free of cotton clumps, then stop. However, you should choose paper tape to ensure that the shirt is not damaged during the repair process.

use adhesive tape to renew ruffled shirts

3.3. Use an iron

The iron, in addition to the function of flattening clothes, can also help prevent them from being ruffled as before. Using an iron with the same temperature will make the shirt ruffled easily. However, you should iron the inside to limit the color of the shirt, but if your shirt is light, you can completely iron the outside of it.

Above are some tips Reallgraphics tells you to handle stubborn ruffled sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are not difficult to handle when ruffled and bring the wearer a youthful, dynamic beauty every day. Therefore, felt is still one of the indispensable materials in everyday wardrobes.

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