What is felt fabric? The reason every autumn and winter is “felt fabric” on the throne

“Felt” is a fabric that is favored by many people every autumn and winter. Whether young people prefer a youthful and dynamic style, or middle-aged people looking for warm, felt shirts that can meet all these needs. So what is felt fabric? And what is the reason that “felt fabric” comes to the throne every autumn and winter? Let’s learn more about this material with Reallgraphics!

What is felt fabric?

Felt fabric, also known as Polar Fleece, is a “hybrid” between wool and fabric. Felt is a material made from fabric, wool used to make clothes. Felt is not woven to shape, but uses the technique of pressing the yarn into a thin layer. There are different types of felts used for industries, engineering and design. Felt fabric is widely used in the fashion industry, creating extremely quality, thick and warm clothing products in winter.


Origin of felt fabric

Felt fabric has a long origin from the 1990s and has been developed to this day. Through years of improvement, felt has become one of the most used fabrics in winter weather.
With a variety of felt fabrics of various colors and sizes, people use felt to create products for life such as costumes, chair covers, beddings, children’s clothes, etc.
In particular, astronaut costumes, mountaineering and scuba diving clothes are also made from felt material.

Advantages and disadvantages of felt fabric


  • Soft and warm: This is the property that felt “inherited” from wool. The soft layers of fluff on both the inside and outside of the fabric are the “secret weapon” to create unexpected softness and warmth for this material.
  • Felt fabric can be used on both sides: Due to the special parallel-sided structure, felt fabric as well as products made from this fabric do not distinguish left and right. Therefore, it is possible to use both sides of the fabric to be creative in fashion design.
  • Diversity of colors: The color of felt fabric is extremely diverse and rich, suitable for both the elderly and children. Along with that, the fabric is also difficult to fade and discolor over time.
  • Low cost: Felt fabric can be easily purchased at many stores at extremely affordable prices. It is also for this reason that felt fabric is very often used to make handmade items.


  • Easy to absorb water: Although the felt fabric is thick, it is made of cotton fibers, so it has very good water absorption and absorption properties. This can bring a feeling of dryness to the wearer, but with furniture products using felt fabrics such as sofa seats, it causes considerable difficulties in cleaning and drying.
  • Hot, squash in summer: Felt is a material for winter, so it will not be suitable in summer.
  • Easy to stain: Felt material is extremely easy to stain and stick to dirt for a long time. These stains will not be able to be wiped off, they only disappear when you soak and wash them.

Applications of felt fabric in life

Application in the production of clothing

In the fashion industry, felt fabric is extremely popular. Especially for autumn and winter clothes, because the felt fabric has an extremely superior ability to keep warm as well as rich and diverse colors. Fashion products made from felt are also extremely rich such as winter clothes, thermal jackets, coats, home clothes, coats, gloves, shoes, bags, skirts…

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Application in furniture production

In the furniture industry, felt fabric is used a lot such as sofa cover, chair cushion cover, sleeping cushion, pillow cover, etc. Felt material brings softness, comfort and softness to furniture. In addition, it is also very durable, keeping the cover less likely to tear

Use it as a blanket

Due to its excellent heat retention properties, felt fabric is also used as a blanket to keep warm in winter. Warm, soft and light felt blankets are extremely useful when winter comes.


How to clean and maintain felt fabric

In order for products made from felt fabric to last for a long time, you need to note a few things:

Always use cold water to clean felts

  • When washing, you should wash gently instead of scrubbing the fabric vigorously because the fabric surface will be easily ruffled or deformed.
  • Limit the use of a washing machine with a spin mode that is too strong, this not only affects the quality of the fabric but also damages the shirt. When washing clothes, wash them gently by hand and wring them out slowly until the water runs out.
  • Before storing, let it dry completely to avoid creating conditions for mold and bacteria to grow.

In addition, during use, felt fabric can be easily ruffled, use small scissors and blades to skillfully remove ruffles.

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